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Your way to a hassle-free, and worry-free, solar journey!

From the moment you consider partnering with us for your solar power needs to the time your solar panels start producing electricity, we deliver the tools, support, and advice that you need to make your going solar experience worthwhile.

5 easy steps towards shifting to solar.

1. Consultation

The consultation is your chance to learn everything there is to learn about solar. We will explain how solar power works. We will take a look at your energy needs. And, we will calculate what size of a system you will need. Talk to one of our representatives now; it’s free.

2. Design

We will schedule a visit to your home for a site survey. During the visit, a technician will gather all necessary information pertaining to you roof. From there, our CAD team will create a custom system that is designed to shrink your energy bill. We will take care of everything from there. 

3. Permit processing

When it’s time to pull permits; we got you! Our customer care team will make sure all paper work is taken care of; this includes the proper designs, the utility bill and any HOA documents that may be required. 

4. Installation

In 5-8 hours, we make sure your solar panels are up and ready. Once we are done installing we will also guide you on how to turn on and off your solar energy system.



5. Activation

We will be needing Permission to Operate (PTO) or the final approval from your local utility and municipality that permits us to connect your solar panels to the grid and start generating clean solar energy.

Create your own energy

Get a rooftop solar energy system, including design and installation.

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