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California Governor Signs New Solar Bill

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Wednesday morning, September 23, we all woke up to Governor Newsom announcing a promising change to affect an impact on global climate change at the state level. For some of us this news is very exciting, however others may wonder how this news would impact them. The idea of this mandate is not to negatively impact any California residents, it is to start to make a positive change in a way that will phase out the use of fossil fuel in California. California has always been at the forefront of progressive climate action and with this mandate we continue to do so. Individuals that still have gas cars will still be able to use them; there will be no new sales of cars, what does this mean? This change will mean that there will be no sales in California of new gasoline cars; they will need to be hybrid or electric to be sold within California. If you own a gasoline car you are still able to operate and use this vehicle. Used car sales of gasoline cars will still be allowed. The idea of this transition is to slowly phase out our dependency on oil and start to make positive exchanges. By the time the mandate is in effect in 2035 there will be many more options for electric and hybrid cars that could even surpass current cars now in efficiency and longevity. So what this means for you probably is to continue to use your car until a better more efficient car comes onto the market and will help reduce your footprint.

Why am I excited about this?

 LA morning smog is something we are used to seeing… but should we embrace it? no. I’m excited to see the benefits, this new change will bring to our skyline and coastline.

Another aspect to now consider with this mandate is the ability to lead the country in more sustainable developmental design and contributions. We could see manufacturers start streamlining their processes in a bid to compete within the clean energy and electric car sphere. This is good because we will be able to raise the standard across the country bringing the US into line with more progressive countries throughout the world. The natural next step to encourage consumers and manufacturers to embrace clean energy is to have the infrastructure there to support electric cars.

This affects a change on the individual level and corporate level, we will be able to feel good about our consumerism in a world where there is a lot of conflicting information and advice. I know that I will sleep more easily knowing that while I do have a carbon footprint, my car will not be adding to that in a negligible way going forward. These are the kinds of policies that we as a country in the world need to start looking at. We need to be able to make changes to the corporate level and hold these industries accountable for the pollutants that they’re limiting and begin to address them in a meaningful way not in a way that they can shrug off and continue to move forward as if they got a slap on the wrist and nothing else.

How does this tie into other sustainability efforts?

One other renewable push governor  Brown introduced previously was his initiative to move California to solar energy and renewable energy by 2045. This electric car and hybrid car movement is just another step in that direction.

How can I start to look to renewable energy as my advantage?

I look at California energy as my advantage by not paying as much on gasoline, by being able to have better mileage, being able to save money, and being able to combine these savings with solar energy.

Some of you may already know about all of the benefits of solar energy but these benefits are only compounded when you start to look at making these changes at home and owning an electric car and other renewable initiatives. Solar energy not only allows you to have financial stability through controlling your monthly bill with your solar system, it shields you from the unpredictable increases from utility companies. As California residents, we all know just how much the rates go up each year here in California. Being able to just turn on the lights at home is becoming a luxury. The initiative to go solar is one that will help residents combat these  expenses.

Imagine it’s 2025, you are still currently with your utility company, rates are rising astronomically each year and in 2020 you decided to buy an electric car. How much do you think the sum of your bill will be if it has been impacted by that new electric car. That’s why it’s so important to embrace all aspects of this renewable energy push together. There are currently federal tax incentives to move to solar energy which decrease each year as the mandate year approaches. If you’re able to get your solar at a great price and get an electric car you can compound your savings. If you’re charging your new electric car at your home that has solar it’s a win-win for you, your finances, and the environment.

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